2019 Blood Angels Commission

‘Some say that the Blood Angels are tainted: that they harbour a dark secret. I know this to be true. I have seen the infamous Death Company: wild-eyed and foam-mouthed berserkers who tear their enemies limb from limb, crush skulls with a single blow, snap spines and rip out inner organs. I have seen the Sanguinary Priests: the passing of blood filled chalices from lip to lip, heard their wracking lamentations of Sanguinus’s death. I have watched their rituals: mighty warriors daubing their armour in the blood of their foes, heard them crying for vengeance against the enemies of the Emperor.’

-Inquisitor N’Syun

Here is a recent commission that we completed at a tabletop standard, with a few added embellishments (to keep the cost down a little from tabletop plus standard for the customer).

We used a combination of airbrush and freehand. Dan was very pleased with the miniatures and it was a pleasure to paint them for him. Hopefully we’ll get the chance to do some more as the army expands.

Caio for now

Bobby 🙂


Mean machinery – Chaos Renegade Ogryn

“Subjected to horrific surgeries and implantations, the Ogryn came out as blood-mad suicide troops, unable to think beyond a single instinct; to kill before slain in turn. Each implanted with a cocktail of combat drugs, the Ogryn Berserkers were terrible and formidable enemies for the Death Korps. It was not uncommon for a single Berserker to kill fifteen Krieg Guardsmen before being slain or simply collapsing from the lethal cocktail of combat drugs.”

Renegade ogryn Jwn front

It’s a real shame that these Vraksian renegade miniatures have now been discontinued. I think they show the character of the rank and file chaos troops really nicely, but there we go.

With this paint job I was going for a battle worn look, with rust and mud effects. I liked the idea that the armour is improvised, any old metal plates and components lying around had been strapped and bolted to the Ogryn’s body.

I used a subtle amount of OSL (object source lighting) on the troopers face and uniform. I think this really sets the model off and adds some realism to the scene.



I’m really happy with the way this model has turned out and it was a pleasure to paint.


Jamie 🙂



The Birth Song and the Death Song – Emperor’s Children Noise Marines

“The mind-curdling cacophony of the battlefield! Shape it, savour it, add to it until your senses shake and your minds quiver with deafening bliss!”


_MG_1226 copy


The Noise marines of Squad Pyrophone, are the first troops choice for The Union Of The Egoists warband. I wanted these marines to represent a more recently created set of noise marines, led by a veteran of the Horus Heresy. With that in mind they don’t have the most mutated appearance, being part of a more regimented section of the emperors children perhaps. I saw the leader having a guitar amp speaker look to the doom siren and Bobby gave me the idea of a warp touched, living flesh style sword.


To fit in with the resurgent unified legion idea, I gave them a more purple hue with some blending of pink to show the touch of Slaanesh. I will be doing some more corrupted and mutated Emperor’s Children models also. Here are some more pictures of the individual Noise Marines.

_MG_1223 copy_MG_1224 copy_MG_1225 copy_MG_1219 copy


Ciao for now

Jamie 🙂

Unforgiven War Machine – Dark Angels Dreadnought

“Never forget, never forgive.”



I’ve been looking through some miniatures that have been hiding in a box for a while and i found this dark angels dreadnought that needed a spruce up. I thought It would be a good chance to try out my new Iwata eclipse airbrush, lots of flat plates of armour to create transitions on. Painting the glowing lights and lenses with the airbrush and citadel bloodletter glaze was fun and I think the effect is quite striking. Once again plenty of battle damage gives the feeling of solidity to the model.


I realise the regularity of posts has been a bit erratic, I fully intend to be updating every couple of weeks however a bout of illness has put me behind a bit. Rest assured though there will be more Emperor’s Children posts soon!

Anyhow hope people like the dreadnought and ciao for now.

Jamie 🙂

The Emperor’s Children Warband, The Union of the Egoists

“As he watched them rampage, he knew that their desires could never be fulfilled here. Those that survived would seek out ever greater sensations, ever greater debaucheries, they would have to keep going, on and on, never stopping, lest what they had indulged in should kill them. It would take a world of trillions to hope to satisfy such lusts.”


Hello! Jamie here. These miniatures are the first units of a new army I’m working on, an Emperor’s Children warband named The Union of the Egoists. The objective was to create models with character that reflected the Emperor’s Children aesthetic as presented in the background material. They always seem to get left behind with new chaos releases, and just painting the old chaos marines black and pink doesn’t cut the mustard, especially for the Lords of Profligacy 🙂




The idea of this army (and the miniatures in it) is to be a resurgent Emperor’s Children warband,unified under a single leader, not the divided  units peppered throughout other legions. With this in mind I am planning on creating new models for classic Emperor’s Children units and well known characters. Here are a few work in progress shots.

Hope you like the new minis and thanks for looking.

Cheers 🙂

Tallarn Taurox

Charge of the Heavy Brigade!

“Nothing makes me more proud than the sight of the 8th Armoured Division making a push. They may look like rust buckets, but they’re the Emperor’s rust buckets!”

Commander Mathias Grimm Tallarn 2nd Expeditionary Force, Vigilus Campaign


Hi there, Jamie here. I absolutely love the Astra Militarum Taurox. Simple as that really. lovely to put together, lovely detail. Lovely. Just swap the tracks for wheels (I got mine from the Genestealer Goliath Truck kit – also great) and you have a vehicle that really suits the Desert Raiders. Some people will say weathering should be used sparingly, I disagree. it really makes the desert colour pop and gives scale and solidity.

We hope to be getting a lot of new stuff painted up soon so keep an eye out.